What is another word for reassessing?

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Reassessing is the act of taking a second look at something in order to evaluate it again and potentially make changes. There are many synonyms for reassessing, including reviewing, reevaluating, analyzing, scrutinizing, considering, examining, appraising, and auditing. Each of these words implies the same general meaning of taking a closer look at something to determine its value or effectiveness. Whether you are reassessing a project, a plan, or a person, using one of these synonyms can help you communicate your intentions more clearly and avoid repetition in your writing or speech.

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    What are the opposite words for reassessing?

    Antonyms for the word "reassessing" include "ignore," "accept," "approve," and "endorse." To ignore a situation or problem means to neglect it entirely, while accepting or approving of something is the opposite of critically evaluating it. Endorsing something is to support it without questioning its validity or effectiveness. These antonyms suggest a lack of evaluation, analysis, and contemplation. While reassessing something involves critical thinking and reflection, these antonyms imply a less rigorous approach. However, each antonym reflects a different context and circumstance in which critical evaluation may not be necessary or appropriate. Ultimately, the choice of antonym depends on the specific situation and the goals from one's action.

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    Famous quotes with Reassessing

    • Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping.
      Julia Margaret Cameron
    • The NAACP was even considering earlier this summer reassessing their position on school integration.
      Tom Joyner

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