What is another word for recapitulate?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪkɐpˈɪt͡ʃʊlˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Recapitulate is a verb meaning to summarize or restate the main points of a speech, conversation, or written work. It can also mean to repeat the stages of evolutionary development during embryonic growth. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of recapitulate, including: - Summarize - Review - Reiterate - Restate - Recap - Recount - Outline - Brief - Synopsize - Abstract Using these synonyms can help to add variety to your writing and ensure that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

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What are the opposite words for recapitulate?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. The word "recapitulate" means to summarize or restate the main points. Some antonyms for this word are "ignore," "overlook," and "dismiss." When we ignore something, we choose not to pay attention to it; therefore, we don't bother to recapitulate it later. To overlook is to miss something because of carelessness or inattention. We may accidentally overlook some points and not remember them later, leading to an incorrect recapitulation of the matter at that time. Lastly, dismissing means rejecting or disregarding something as unimportant; therefore, we wouldn't even consider the need to recapitulate it.

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Usage examples for Recapitulate

For I threw down the sack before the door, and rubbed his ears with all his promises of hearing prayer, which I knew how to recapitulate from Holy Writ, so that he could not but hearken to me, should I ever again place any reliance on his promises.
"Theological Essays"
Charles Bradlaugh
I must steel my heart, Fairfax, when I go to the encounter; must recapitulate all my wrongs.
"Anna St. Ives"
Thomas Holcroft
Why should we recapitulate the painful tale of the defeat and death of a high-spirited prince?
"Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)"
Walter Scott

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