What is another word for sceptical?

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[ skˈɛptɪkə͡l], [ skˈɛptɪkə‍l], [ s_k_ˈɛ_p_t_ɪ_k_əl]

Sceptical is a word that conveys doubt or uncertainty. There are various synonyms for sceptical, such as cynical, disbelieving, doubtful, hesitant, incredulous, and mistrustful. Cynical refers to an individual who believes that people are generally insincere or motivated by self-interest. Disbelieving connotes skepticism towards something that is generally accepted as true. Doubtful highlights uncertainty about the truth or accuracy of something. Hesitant conveys reluctance to trust something or someone. Incredulous is used to describe a situation where one does not believe something due to a lack of evidence. Mistrustful refers to a lack of confidence in someone or something due to previous experiences.

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How to use "Sceptical" in context?

Sceptical thinkers usually have a doubting and questioning attitude towards claims, ideas and opinions. This attitude can be applied to any aspect of their lives, from their personal beliefs to the facts they gather on the world around them.

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