What is another word for ambivalent?

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Ambivalent is a word that describes someone or something that holds conflicting feelings or opinions. Synonyms for ambivalent include uncertain, indecisive, equivocal, conflicted, hesitant, and wavering. Ambivalent people can feel torn or unsure about a decision or situation, experiencing both positive and negative emotions simultaneously. Similarly, indecisive individuals may struggle to make important choices due to their wavering feelings. Equivocal denotes something that is not clear or straightforward, leaving room for doubt or other interpretations. Conflicted people experience inner turmoil over a decision, while hesitant individuals are unsure or reluctant about taking action. All of these synonyms encompass the complexity of the ambivalent mindset.

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    Ambivalent feelings are feelings that are both positive and negative concurrently. For example, a person might feel ambivalent about staying in a relationship where there is a lot of fighting; on the one hand, they may enjoy being around people and feeling attached to them, but on the other hand, they may fear that their relationship won't survive if they stay. Ambivalent feelings may also come in the form of mixed emotions, which are a combination of two existing emotions.

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