What is another word for skeptical?

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Skeptical is a word used to describe a suspicious or doubtful attitude towards a person, activity, or situation. There are several synonyms for skeptical, including wary, dubious, mistrustful, incredulous, and questioning. These words all indicate a lack of trust in something, reflecting a need for more evidence or proof before accepting it. Additionally, cautious and circumspect are synonyms that suggest a sense of care and consideration towards making decisions. While these words have slightly different nuances, their common thread is a reluctance to believe without seeing, leading to a healthy dose of skepticism that can be useful in many situations.

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    What is Skepticism? Skepticism is a philosophical and epistemological position that holds that it is never possible to establish certainty in any matter of belief. In other words, it is a way of thinking that questions and doubts everything. Skepticism can be defined as "the philosophical position which holds that it is impossible to know with certainty anything that does not pertain to the natural world." Skepticism therefore questions the possibility of knowledge in all fields of human enquiry, including religion, metaphysics, ethics, and moral matters.

    Skepticism has been around for centuries, and it is still a very popular way of thinking.

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