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Fences are used to protect, separate, and decorate different spaces and areas. Sometimes these structures can take on different names depending on their specific purpose. For example, a barrier made with wooden rails or thin boards may be called a picket fence or a stake fence. A fence made up of wire mesh with steel or wooden posts is commonly referred to as a wire or mesh fence. Some other synonyms for fence include barrier, wall, boundary, partition, enclosure, railing, palisade, and enclosure. These synonyms indicate the varied forms and functions that fences serve, from privacy barriers to livestock containment.

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How to use "Fence" in context?

Fencing is a simple yet powerful way to enclose or protect your property. It can be used as a deterrent to trespassers and thieves, as well as a means to keep livestock in, or PEOPLE out. There are many styles, materials, and heights of fencing available to fit any yard or budget.

Types of fencing include:

-Wooden fence: This is a classic option and often the cheapest, but is not very strong and can be easily damaged.

-Wire fencing: This is strong and durable, but can be expensive to buy and install.

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