What is another word for seaworthy?

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Seaworthy is a term that describes the capability of a vessel to navigate safely on the ocean. It speaks of the vessel's durability, stability, and reliability while at sea. Other terms that can be used interchangeably with seaworthy include shipshape, trustworthy, seaworthy, fit, ocean-going, and sound. These words all describe the condition of watercraft and their ability to handle the rough seas. While most of these words are used in relation to ships and boats, they can also be used to describe other things like equipment, tools, and even people who can manage and deal with ocean-related situations.

How to use "Seaworthy" in context?

The word "seaworthy" has been used to describe vessels that are safe to travel in water. The definition of seaworthy has changed over time, but usually it means a vessel that is properly rigged and has been checked for safety.

There are many factors that contribute to a vessel being considered seaworthy. A vessel must be properly rigged and have enough supplies to last for the voyage. The vessel must also be in good condition and have been properly maintained.

A safe vessel can reduce the risk of accidents. If a vessel is not seaworthy, accidents can happen, leading to injuries or even death.

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