What is another word for impregnable?

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When we use the word "impregnable," we usually refer to something that is robust, firm, invincible, and unbreakable. But if you happen to be looking for synonyms for this word, you might find yourself in need of words such as indestructible, invulnerable, unassailable, unyielding, impenetrable, and impervious. All of these words convey a sense of strength and invincibility, suggesting that the thing in question is hard to penetrate or break down. Whether you're describing a fortress, a mountain, or a person's willpower, the word "impregnable" and its synonyms are sure to inspire confidence and awe.

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How to use "Impregnable" in context?

It is difficult to define what "impregnable" means in a strict, scientific way. However, by most measures, a fortress or castle is considered impregnable if it is very difficult or impossible for an enemy to conquer or break into. This is due to its strong citadels and walls, as well as the defensive forces stationed within. Furthermore, any invading forces would need to overcome a very large Normandy or Mongol horde for example, in order to conquer a fortress like the Unter der Linde, which is considered one of the most impregnable in Europe.

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