What is another word for sensory?

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[ s_ˈɛ_n_s_ə_ɹ_ɪ], [ sˈɛnsəɹɪ], [ sˈɛnsəɹɪ]

Synonyms for Sensory:

aware (adjective) sensuous (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Sensory:

  1. extrasensory;

Quotes for Sensory:

  1. You can mark in desire the rising of the tide, as the appetite more and more invades the personality, appealing, as it does, not merely to the sensory side of the self, but to its ideal components as well. Samuel Alexander.
  2. Some children may need a behavioral approach, whereas other children may need a sensory approach. Temple Grandin.
  3. We think of our eyes as video cameras and our brains as blank tapes to be filled with sensory inputs. Michael Shermer.

Adjectives for Sensory:

  • partial,
  • apparent.