What is another word for hedonist?

Pronunciation: [hˈɛdənˌɪst] (IPA)

The term hedonist refers to someone who is motivated by the pursuit of pleasure, often at the expense of other values like morality or responsibility. While hedonism can be viewed as a negative trait, those who value pleasure may prefer less harsh-sounding synonyms. For example, the word pleasure-seeker emphasizes the pursuit of happiness, while pleasure-lover highlights the joy that comes from experiencing pleasurable sensations. The term self-indulgent draws attention to the individualistic nature of hedonism, while sensualist implies a focus on the physical senses. Ultimately, synonyms for hedonist emphasize different aspects of the desire for pleasure, but the underlying motivation remains the same.

What are the hypernyms for Hedonist?

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What are the hyponyms for Hedonist?

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  • hyponyms for hedonist (as nouns)

What are the opposite words for hedonist?

Hedonist is a term used to describe someone who seeks pleasure above all else. The antonyms for this word include ascetic, stoic, and puritan. An ascetic is someone who practices self-discipline and abstains from worldly pleasures in order to achieve spiritual goals. A stoic is a person who does not show emotion or indulgence, and instead remains calm and rational in the face of adversity. A puritan is someone who believes in strict moral codes and abstains from any pleasures that are deemed immoral or sinful. These words all represent a lifestyle or attitude that is in direct opposition to hedonism.

What are the antonyms for Hedonist?

Usage examples for Hedonist

I'm an accomplished hedonist.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
"You're a hedonist, Phineas," said Doggie, after a thoughtful pause.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
Doggie, bidden by the hedonist of circumstance to up with his tail, felt like a scorpion.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke

Famous quotes with Hedonist

  • Cole Porter had a worldwide reputation as a sophisticate and hedonist.
    Ethel Merman
  • I am not strict vegan, because I'm a hedonist pig. If I see a big chocolate cake that is made with eggs, I'll have it.
    Grace Slick
  • The moral cannibalism of all hedonist and altruist doctrines lies in the premise that the happiness of one man necessitates the injury of another.
    Ayn Rand
  • Take me to the driest county in the most conservative state, and in two hours this determined hedonist will find you all the drugs, whores, and booze you'll need to pass an eventful weekend.
    Dan Savage
  • For as a hedonist, Bentham apparently bases moral status not on the dignity of rational nature but rather solely on the capacity to feel pleasure and pain. And this is clearly different from the Kantian position. Yet I claim that Bentham’s idea here is in general terms not inconsistent with Kantian ethics but is instead a corollary of the Kantian position. I would even claim that Kantian ethics provides a better justification for it than Bentham’s hedonism–a shallow empiricist doctrine that cannot account properly even for the values it assigns to pleasure and pain in human beings. […] Nonhuman animals do not have the capacity to reason or to talk. Therefore, beyond making the obvious point that they are not persons in the strict sense, whether they have or lack these capacities is irrelevant to how we should treat them. Bentham is therefore correct in telling us not to ask about these matters when we are deciding how to treat animals. What is relevant, because it relates their capacities to those of rational nature, is the fact that they can suffer, and desire, and sometimes also care – about members of their own species, or even occasionally about members of other species, such as humans. Bentham is therefore also correct in telling us what we should ask about these capacities, for they are the relevant ones. Bentham is correct, however, not because Kant is wrong, but because Kant is right.
    Jeremy Bentham

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