What is another word for responsive?

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Responsive is a powerful word when it comes to describing something that is quick to react or answer. Some of the synonyms for this word include reacting, sensitive, perceptive, quick-witted, and perfunctory. These synonyms describe a person or thing that is not only aware of their surroundings but also capable of responding to them in a timely fashion. Each synonym adds a unique element to the original term of "responsive", but all are useful in helping to clarify and describe the nuances of this important trait. So, whether you want to describe a person or thing that is capable of responding quickly or one that is sensitive to the needs of others, you can use one of these synonyms to communicate your message effectively.

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responsive design is all about creating a website that looks great on all types of devices and browsers. That means your website will look great on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone - no matter what size screen they are using!

Creating responsive designs is hard work, but it sure pays off in terms of pageviews and conversions. Keep these tips in mind when you're working on your next project:

1. Use media queries to adjust the look and feel of your website on different devices.

2. Make sure your images are originally designed for web use and are scaled down for mobile devices.

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