What is another word for touchy?

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When it comes to understanding the meaning of the word "touchy," it can be interpreted in multiple ways. The most common definition of touchy is "easily irritated or offended," but there are several synonyms to express this emotion, including irritable, oversensitive, thin-skinned, tense, nervous, and crabby. In some cases, touchy can also be associated with something that is delicate or sensitive, which could be expressed with words like fragile, vulnerable, or susceptible. As with any word, the context in which it is used will determine the most appropriate synonym to reflect the intended meaning.

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    Touchy is a term used to describe someone who is highly sensitive or easily offended. When describing a person who is the opposite of touchy, we might use the term "thick-skinned." This term implies that the person is not easily affected by criticism or negative feedback. Other antonyms for touchy might include calm, composed, or unflappable. These terms describe someone who is able to remain calm and focused in the face of stress or difficult situations. Another antonym for touchy might be "detached" or "unemotional." These terms suggest that the person is able to separate their emotions from their actions or decisions, and remain rational and objective in all circumstances.

    Usage examples for Touchy

    I say, my dear monsieur, who are so attached to the truth, you're very touchy, aren't you?
    "Monsieur Cherami"
    Charles Paul de Kock
    They say the lady herself is now touchy on the point.
    "Helena Brett's Career"
    Desmond Coke
    He doesn't mean any harm, and, if I were you, I'd knock off being so touchy about everything.
    "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
    Bertram Mitford

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