What is another word for sensational?

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Sensational is a word that is often used to describe something that is exciting or impressive. However, there are several synonyms for sensational that can also be used to describe something that is noteworthy or remarkable. For example, the word "extraordinary" can be used to describe something that is exceptional or beyond expectation. Similarly, the word "stunning" can be used to describe something that is visually striking or impressive. Another synonym for sensational is "astonishing," which suggests something that is surprising or unexpected. Other possible synonyms for sensational include "impressive," "amazing," and "mind-blowing." Depending on the context and the intended meaning, any of these synonyms can be used in place of sensational.

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    Sensationalism is often used to describe events or stories that are interesting and thrilling, but are not actually true. This makes them seem more exciting and interesting to readers, which can lead to more people wanting to read or watch them. Sensationalism can also be used to make money by advertising products or services.

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