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There are various synonyms for the word 'receptive' that can be used to convey the same meaning. For instance, 'open-minded' is often used to describe someone who is receptive to new ideas and perspectives. Similarly, 'responsive' connotes an individual who is receptive to feedback and suggestions. The term 'accepting' refers to someone who is willing to consider and accommodate others' viewpoints. Other synonyms for 'receptive' include 'attentive,' 'sensitive,' 'perceptive,' and 'sympathetic.' All these words carry the connotation of openness, willingness, and positivity towards new or diverse experiences, perspectives, and situations. Using synonyms for 'receptive' can help add nuance and richness to communication, making it more effective and impactful.

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How to use "Receptive" in context?

"receptive" is an adjective meaning "capable of being received or understood." One could say that someone is receptive to their environment, or to new information. It is important to be receptive to others, as it allows for better communication. It can also lead to greater understanding, which can be beneficial in any social or professional setting.

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