What is another word for extrovert?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛkstɹəvˌɜːt] (IPA)

Extrovert is defined as a sociable, outgoing and enthusiastic person. Some synonyms for extrovert include gregarious, talkative, outgoing, sociable, and friendly. These words describe individuals who are comfortable in social situations and thrive in group settings. Other synonyms include expressive, vivacious, affable, effervescent, and radiant. These words further emphasize the nature of extroverts as being energetic, dynamic, and engaging. While the term extrovert is often used to describe individuals who are outgoing and assertive, there are many other traits that can be used to characterize these individuals. Ultimately, the key common denominator is an affinity for socializing and interacting with others.

What are the hypernyms for Extrovert?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for extrovert?

The antonyms of the word "extrovert" are often used to describe a person who is more introverted or reserved. One such antonym is "introvert," which is used to describe individuals who are often described as quieter, more reflective, and prefer to spend time alone or with a small group of close friends. Another antonym is "shy," which is often used to describe individuals who are hesitant to engage in social situations and are easily overwhelmed by large groups. Other antonyms include "unsociable," "reclusive," "reserved," and "withdrawn." While extroverts thrive in social situations, those who display the above-mentioned traits tend to prefer quiet settings and limited interaction with others.

What are the antonyms for Extrovert?

Usage examples for Extrovert

In fact, he'd always been something of a secretive loner within the family, even though he was very much an extrovert with his friends, of which he had many, or at least used to.
Thomas Hoover
The extrovert is the typical active; always leaning out of the window and setting up contacts with the outside world.
"The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day"
Evelyn Underhill
In the realm of humour the extrovert is a success; what amuses him amuses the crowds.
"A Dominie in Doubt"
A. S. Neill

Famous quotes with Extrovert

  • I'm probably the most introverted extrovert you'll ever meet. Up until I got this show I was constantly told, 'She was really good, but she's just not cute enough.'
    Nikki Cox
  • Maybe come to think about it, that is the sign of an extrovert, in any event I have always from the earliest of ages found it difficult to wander into a restaurant on my own.
    Roger Moore
  • I'm an introspective person. I'm not an extrovert.
    John Thaw
  • Our lives are shaped as profoundly by personality as by gender or race. And the single most important aspect of personality … is where we fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum.
    Susan Cain
  • Where we fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum... influences our choice of friends and partners, and how we make conversation, resolve differences and show love. It affects the careers we choose and whether or not we succeed at them.
    Susan Cain

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