What is another word for egocentric?

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[ ˌiːɡə͡ʊsˈɛntɹɪk], [ ˌiːɡə‍ʊsˈɛntɹɪk], [ ˌiː_ɡ_əʊ_s_ˈɛ_n_t_ɹ_ɪ_k]

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How to use "Egocentric" in context?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not the world is centered around us, or if everyone is fundamentally egocentric. In spite of this, many of the things we do in life are based on our own self-interest. We tend to think of ourselves as the center of our own lives, and we're often unwilling to put ourselves in other people's shoes. This can lead to misunderstanding and conflict, as we struggle to make our own decisions without taking other people into account. While it's understandable to focus on our own needs, it's important to remember that other people are also important.

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