What is another word for braggart?

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A braggart is someone who excessively boasts or talks about their accomplishments, often trying to gain attention or admiration from others. There are several synonyms for this type of person, including show-off, boaster, blowhard, and bragger. Other similar terms include self-promoter, egotist, loudmouth, and vainglorious. Many of these words convey a sense of arrogance or self-importance, highlighting the negative connotations associated with bragging behavior. People who exhibit this type of behavior may be viewed as insincere or insecure, and it can be a turn-off to others who may perceive it as a lack of humility or empathy.

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    How to use "Braggart" in context?

    A braggart is someone who tends to talk too much and excessively boast about their accomplishments or successes. Braggarts often put themselves above others, appearing superior and cocky. They are often rude and Smith disrespectful of others. This type of person often does not stand up for themselves when they are wrong, which can make them difficult to work with.

    Braggarts can be a real pain in the neck. They tend to constantly promote themselves and their ideas, regardless of whether or not they are truly worthy of the praise.

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