What is another word for Malapert?

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Malapert is a relatively uncommon word that refers to someone who is overconfident or impudent to the point of being rude. Synonyms for malapert include impertinent, insolent, cheeky, cocky, brazen, forward, presumptuous, and impudent. These words are all similar in meaning, but each has its own connotations. Impertinent suggests a lack of respect or deference, while insolent implies a more aggressive disrespect. Cheeky is a more lighthearted and playful synonym, while cocky suggests an excessive self-confidence. Brazen and forward both imply a lack of inhibition or shame. Presumptuous means taking liberties without permission or grounds, while impudent encompasses all of these qualities in an audacious manner.

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Malapert is a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo consists of brothers Manuel "Flaco" Malapert and Neston "El Topo" Malapert.

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