What is another word for spiritlessness?

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[ spˈɪɹɪtləsnəs], [ spˈɪɹɪtləsnəs], [ s_p_ˈɪ_ɹ_ɪ_t_l_ə_s_n_ə_s]

Spiritlessness is a state of being without energy or enthusiasm. When faced with such a feeling it is important to find ways to re-energize yourself. Some words that can be used as alternatives to spiritlessness include apathy, ennui, lethargy, listlessness, and languor. Apathy is a disinterest in anything while ennui is a feeling of boredom and weariness. Lethargy is a state of being sluggish and unenergetic. Listlessness is the inability to feel a sense of motivation or excitement, while languor is a feeling of physical and mental weakness. These words can all be used interchangeably to express a lack of passion, purpose, and energy.

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    What are the hypernyms for Spiritlessness?

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    What are the opposite words for spiritlessness?

    Spiritlessness, meaning lack of enthusiasm or vitality, has several antonyms that convey vigor and positivity. The opposite of spiritlessness is enthusiasm, which implies a fervent and lively state of mind. Dynamism, energy, and life force are other antonyms for this word, which connote energetic and enthusiastic conduct. High spirit, zest, and buoyancy are some more antonyms that denote natural buoyancy and a positive outlook. Finally, vivacity and exuberance are other words that embody the opposite of spiritlessness, displaying a bright and spirited attitude that inspires and uplifts others. These antonyms are helpful for expressing states of being that vary from lethargy or pessimism, emphasizing vivacity and vitality instead.

    Usage examples for Spiritlessness

    Something undefined in her feeling of possession she had been robbed of, she knew it by her spiritlessness; and she would fain have attributed it to the idle motion of the car, now and them stupidly jolting her on, after the valiant exercise of her limbs.
    "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith"
    George Meredith
    The fire had died out of her eyes, and still there lurked something weird in the very spiritlessness, and dull and vacant sadness of her gaze.
    "The Honour of the Flag"
    W. Clark Russell
    There was a spiritlessness in this man that surprised me.
    "The Honour of the Flag"
    W. Clark Russell

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