What is another word for ennui?

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Ennui is a feeling of boredom or disinterest in things that should be interesting, often caused by a lack of stimulation or variety in daily life. Some synonyms for ennui include tedium, monotony, lethargy, listlessness, apathy, and dullness. Other words that could be used to describe ennui include languor, indifference, weariness, and boredom. These words all describe a sense of disengagement, disinterest, or lack of energy and motivation. If you are feeling ennui in your daily life, it may be time to seek out new experiences, hobbies, or activities to reignite your passion and interest in the world around you.

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How to use "Ennui" in context?

When faced with a situation that is dull, repetitive, or simply not stimulating, many people reach a point where they begin to feel "ennui." This vague and often overused feeling of apathy and boredom is a common symptom of many different mental health disorders, and can be a major challenge to overcome. While it is often difficult to identify the root cause of ennui, it is often possible to treat its symptoms. Misunderstandings and inexperience can often lead to monotony, burnout, and a decline in productivity.

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