What is another word for dispassion?

Pronunciation: [dɪspˈaʃən] (IPA)

Dispassion is synonymous with neutrality, objectivity, detachment, indifference, impartiality, and equanimity. Someone who is dispassionate is unemotional and unbiased, able to maintain their composure even in the face of difficult situations. Neutrality refers to a lack of bias or leaning towards a particular side or opinion. Objectivity emphasizes the importance of facts and evidence over personal feelings or opinions. Detachment implies a sense of distance or aloofness from a particular situation or issue. Indifference suggests a lack of concern or interest. Impartiality is the ability to make fair and unbiased decisions. Equanimity is the state of being calm and balanced, even when faced with challenging circumstances.

Synonyms for Dispassion:

What are the hypernyms for Dispassion?

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What are the hyponyms for Dispassion?

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What are the opposite words for dispassion?

Dispassion is a word that conveys a sense of impartiality and lack of emotion. Antonyms for the word dispassion include passion, enthusiasm, zeal, and ardor. These words denote a strong emotional response, often associated with excitement or interest. Passion suggests an intense or even overwhelming feeling, while enthusiasm refers to a lively excitement or eagerness. Zeal and ardor both imply a strong and enthusiastic commitment to a particular cause or activity, with zeal suggesting a fervent devotion and ardor an intense fervor or passion. In contrast to dispassion, these antonyms suggest a deep and abiding emotional investment in a person, place, or thing.

What are the antonyms for Dispassion?

Usage examples for Dispassion

So I take the opportunity to pay my tribute to him who long ago put these figures on the frontier of my imagination, and who has prevented my ever speaking in dispassion or without favorable prejudice of them.
"The French in the Heart of America"
John Finley
He was surprised to find himself looking at the girl with utter dispassion, as if nothing had happened.
Ben Hecht
She was very tired, very nervous, able, with cold dispassion, to wonder what she and Billy Oliver were doing in this close, dirty train,-to wonder why people ever spoke of a wedding-day as especially pleasant,-what people found in life worth while, anyway!
"Saturday's Child"
Kathleen Norris

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