What is another word for dispiritedness?

Pronunciation: [dɪspˈɪɹɪtɪdnəs] (IPA)

Dispiritedness is a feeling of despondency or low spirits. This state of mind can be described with many synonyms such as dejection, desolation, despair, hopelessness, disheartenment, and depression. These words all share the common attribute of feeling down and disconnected from happiness or positive emotions. While they have similar meanings, each one may convey a slightly different feeling of sadness or emotional pain. For instance, despair implies feelings of total hopelessness while disheartenment suggests a loss of motivation and enthusiasm. So, whether you're feeling dispirited, dejected, or desolate, remember that it is perfectly normal to experience lows, and try to embrace those feelings as an opportunity for growth.

Synonyms for Dispiritedness:

What are the hypernyms for Dispiritedness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for dispiritedness?

The antonyms for dispiritedness are vigour, enthusiasm, animation, liveliness, and cheerfulness. Vigour refers to having physical strength and a robust energy that can be seen in a person's actions. Enthusiasm connotes an intense passion and excitement towards a particular subject or activity. Animation suggests a lively and energetic quality that brings forth liveliness and cheerfulness in everyone. Liveliness refers to a state of being full of life, with enthusiasm and excitement. Cheerfulness connotes a state of mind that is filled with joy, happiness, and positivity. These antonyms provide a range of positive emotions, energy, and vitality that can counteract against the negative feelings associated with dispiritedness.

Usage examples for Dispiritedness

The lethargy and dispiritedness, caused by their week of inaction, fell from them like a cloak.
"The Adventures of Sally"
P. G. Wodehouse
I am glad to say that we despised the conventional poetastery about her; but I believe that we had so far lived into sympathy with her, that, whether we realized it or not, we took the tone of her dispiritedness, and assumed a part of the common experience of loss and of hopelessness.
"Venetian Life"
W. D. Howells

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