What is another word for disheartenment?

Pronunciation: [dɪshˈɑːtənmənt] (IPA)

Disheartenment refers to losing hope or confidence in oneself or a situation. It is a sense of disappointment or discouragement that can drain one's motivation to continue striving toward a goal. Synonyms for disheartenment include dejection, despondency, discouragement, disappointment, despair, and melancholy. Similar words include hopelessness, defeat, pessimism, and resignation. While these words have similar meanings, they may differ in degree or intensity. For example, despondency suggests a state of deep sadness or loss of motivation, while despair implies a feeling of utter hopelessness. By understanding the various synonyms for disheartenment, one can better express and relate to the emotions they are experiencing.

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What are the hypernyms for Disheartenment?

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What are the opposite words for disheartenment?

Disheartenment refers to a feeling of discouragement, hopelessness, or despair. Antonyms for disheartenment include optimism, hope, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation. Optimism suggests a positive outlook on life and the future, while hope represents a feeling of confidence or expectation that good things will happen. Encouragement entails offering support or words of kindness to help someone stay positive. Inspiration is the process of being mentally or emotionally stimulated to do something creative or worthwhile. Lastly, motivation represents the driving force behind our thoughts and actions, often stemming from a desire for success or achievement. These antonyms can help counteract disheartenment and offer a glimmer of positivity in challenging times.

What are the antonyms for Disheartenment?

Usage examples for Disheartenment

It was a disheartenment from which nothing in the future, no hope, no dream, could deliver him.
"The Hidden Places"
Bertrand W. Sinclair
There had been days of sickness and an hour of death; there was a grave at the roadside; there had had been times of danger and disheartenment; all of which marshalled themselves to memory's foreground as the question of division was talked pro and con by the entire family while camped at the base of the snow-capped mountains on that midsummer night.
"In the Early Days along the Overland Trail in Nebraska Territory, in 1852"
Gilbert L. Cole
Discouragement, which is after all by etymology only disheartenment, represents a serious effect upon the heart through depression.
"Health Through Will Power"
James J. Walsh

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