What is another word for objectivity?

Pronunciation: [ɒbd͡ʒɪktˈɪvɪti] (IPA)

Objectivity is a crucial concept in any field that involves analysis, reasoning, and decision-making. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe the same concept. For example, impartiality, neutrality, fairness, and detachment are some of the common synonyms that can be used to describe objectivity. These terms imply that a person or organization is unbiased, neutral, and is not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, or beliefs while making decisions or judgments. Similarly, other synonyms such as accuracy, precision, and factuality also highlight the importance of being objective and avoiding any subjective bias that could distort the interpretation of information or data. Regardless of the specific terminology used, objectivity is an essential trait for anyone who wants to make informed and rational decisions.

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Objectivity denotes an attribute of neutrality, impartiality, and unbiasedness. The opposite of objectivity is subjectivity, which implies a personal bias or partiality in forming an opinion or making a decision. Another antonym of objectivity could be partiality, which refers to showing favoritism or preference for one side over the other. Prejudice and discrimination are other antonyms of objectivity that connote a preconceived attitude or viewpoint that hampers fair and impartial judgment. Finally, subjectivism involves reliance on personal feelings, experiences, and beliefs, rather than facts and evidence, for determining the truth. Together, these antonyms of objectivity highlight the importance of being aware of one's biases and striving to overcome them to arrive at fair and just conclusions.

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Usage examples for Objectivity

The philosophical criticism of life may vary from the ideal objectivity of absolute truth, to the subjectivity of a personal religion.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry
The objectivity to which it testified is provided for in the completeness and self-sufficiency which is attributed to the absolute experience.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry
And with his new-found alcoholic objectivity he could see now where he had been in the wrong.
"The Circuit Riders"
R. C. FitzPatrick

Famous quotes with Objectivity

  • It's impossible to work under conditions where they confused negativity with objectivity. You can't fool the fans.
    Marv Albert
  • A creation needs not only subjectivity, but also objectivity.
    Stephen Chow
  • After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.
    Helene Deutsch
  • There is also an artistic element which is lead by the film maker. Issues of what is reality and objectivity are as always relevant as someone is going to edit the film.
    Ben Edwards
  • Even scientific knowledge, if there is anything to it, is not a random observation of random objects; for the critical objectivity of significant knowledge is attained as a practice only philosophically in inner action.
    Karl Jaspers

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