What is another word for spoiler?

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Spoilers are a curse for many people who want to enjoy a movie or a TV show without any foreknowledge of what happens. It is quite frustrating to have someone give away key plot points before you've even had a chance to see it. But there are other ways to describe spoilers without using that particular word. A few synonyms for spoiler include plot ruiner, surprise spoiler, divulger, and leaker. All of these words convey the same meaning as spoiler, but they can add a little bit of variety to your vocabulary. Use them to describe a person or an action that ruins the fun for everyone else.

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    There are those who hate spoilers, and those who can't survive without them. For some, the mere mention of a spoiler can ruin their entire experience of a movie or TV show. For others, it's their world and they'll dissect every detail of any given story, no matter how small. In either case, spoilers can create quite a stir. So, what is a spoiler, exactly? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a spoiler as "a notice or warning attached to a film, book, etc., specifying that the contents of the notice may not be revealed before the time when it is shown (thus spoiling the surprise).

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