What is another word for dacoit?

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"Dacoit" refers to a bandit or a robber who plunders and loots. It is a term commonly used in the Indian subcontinent. However, there are various synonyms for the word "dacoit" which can be used interchangeably depending upon the context. Some of the synonyms for dacoit are outlaw, brigand, thief, marauder, pirate, and raider. Outlaw is a person who has broken the law and is therefore considered an outcast. Brigand is another term used for a gang of thieves who rob travellers. Thief refers to a person who steals something either by stealth or force. Marauder refers to a person who attacks and plunders villages and towns. Pirate is a term used for a person who attacks and robs from ships. Raider is another term used for a person who attacks and plunders a village or town.

Semantically related words: thug, robbery, bandit, robber, theft

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How to use "Dacoit" in context?

A dacoit is a Thief who robs and plunders on horseback. Historically, these men were the direct descendants of bandits who operated during the Middle Ages. Most dacoits specialized in theft, but some went on to commit other crimes as well, such as murders and armed robbery.

The term "dacoit" is derived from the Hindi word daco, meaning "bandit".

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