What is another word for squander?

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Squander is a word that illustrates the act of wasting or depleting resources or opportunities. There are many synonyms for squander, including waste, misuse, dissipate, fritter, and misspending. Other synonyms for squander are neglect, blow, burn, scatter, lavish, or consume. Squander is often used to describe financial waste, but it can refer to a wide variety of resources and opportunities. In essence, squander means to use up something in a reckless, non-efficient, or unnecessary way. Synonyms for squander can be used interchangeably in sentences, depending on the context.

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    The definition of squander is to spend or use carelessly or improperly. When you squander something, you use it up or throw it away in a careless or wasteful way.

    One common use of the word squander is when people talk about how the government squanders money. The government can spend money on things like programs that are not really useful, or they can spend money on things that are not very important. This can mean that the government is not using its money very wisely.

    When you squander something, you are also losing something that you should be able to use or benefit from.

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