What is another word for ruinous?

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Ruinous is generally used to describe something that results in a catastrophic or disastrous outcome. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for ruinous. These include destructive, devastating, disastrous, catastrophic, fatal, and calamitous. All of these words convey a similar sense of devastation or destruction, but each carries slightly different connotations. For example, catastrophic often implies sudden and overwhelming destruction, while ruinous can also refer to a long and slow decline. Similarly, destructive can imply intentional harm, while calamitous suggests a more random or unforeseeable disaster. Overall, these words all convey a sense of serious harm or destruction.

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How to use "Ruinous" in context?

The word "ruinous" is often used to describe the consequences of something destructive. It can refer to the destruction of something valuable, such as a building or a piece of hardware, or it can refer to the destruction of somebody's life.

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