What is another word for crisis?

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A crisis is a time of great difficulty, danger, or uncertainty. Synonyms for crisis might include "emergency," "disaster," "catastrophe," "calamity," "trouble," "meltdown," "chaos," "upheaval," "tragedy," "critical situation," "dangerous moment," "turbulent period," "crucial time," "turning point." It is important to note that different synonyms may have slightly different connotations or implications. For example, "emergency" might suggest an urgent need for immediate action, while "upheaval" might suggest a more gradual disruption of the status quo. Choosing the right synonym can help to convey the severity and nature of the crisis in question.

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    When we hear the word "crisis," we usually associate it with negative events that trigger chaos or danger. However, there are several antonyms for crisis that bring a sense of calm, stability, and harmony. Words like peace, harmony, stability, and security are quite the opposite of crisis. These antonyms signify an absence of upheaval, struggle, and strife that disrupt our daily lives, preventing us from having peaceful moments. Peace is the opposite of crisis as it denotes a state of tranquility and a lack of tension. Harmony refers to the consistent coexistence of various components, resulting in a peaceful and balanced atmosphere. Stability ensures an enduring and predictable environment, and security guarantees safe and sound surroundings, devoid of danger or conflict, symbolizing the antithesis of crisis.

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    Usage examples for Crisis

    From each new crisis of the spiritual life the soul should obtain new powers.
    "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
    G. A. Chadwick
    He suspected Harry had passed through some mental crisis, but of what nature he was at a loss to determine.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    They owned at once that a social crisis had arisen or was near at hand.
    "Contemporary Socialism"
    John Rae

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