What is another word for standoffish?

Pronunciation: [stˈandɒfɪʃ] (IPA)

"Standoffish" is a word used to describe someone who is distant, unapproachable, or reserved. Synonyms for this word include aloof, cold, detached, unresponsive, indifferent, distant, frosty, and cool. These words can be used to describe someone who is difficult to approach, either because they are shy, introverted, or simply do not want to be approached. Some people may appear standoffish due to their personality or social anxiety, while others deliberately act this way to create a barrier between themselves and others. Regardless of the reason, synonyms for "standoffish" can help convey the tone and meaning of this elusive behavior.

What are the hypernyms for Standoffish?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for standoffish?

Standoffish refers to a distant or aloof demeanor, but there are several antonyms that describe the opposite traits, which include a friendly, warm nature. One of the most relevant antonyms of standoffish is engaged, which means actively participating or involved in a conversation or activity with others. A sociable person is talkative and enjoys the company of others, as opposed to being reserved or distant. More antonyms that describe social behavior of being amiable, affable, genial, and cordial, all describe a person who is approachable, kind and pleasant in their interactions. In short, antonyms of standoffish focus on describing a person as sociable, friendly, approachable, and inviting.

What are the antonyms for Standoffish?

Usage examples for Standoffish

I had to give it up that day, leaving them two birds all ruffled up and mighty cold and standoffish.
"Tales from the Veld"
Ernest Glanville
Nothing standoffish about him,' and he tells me something he shouldn't.
"The Spy"
Richard Harding Davis
His official colleagues were out of the question-the standoffish Englishman, the sullen German, the grotesque Swede who held the highest judicial office.
"Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas"
Lloyd Osbourne

Famous quotes with Standoffish

  • Everyone is different, but I'm not standoffish at all. I'm not one of those people who prefer to write a note. I'll walk right up to you and ask you out! Even if the answer's no, I'm totally cool with it.
    Corbin Bleu

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