What is another word for conflict?

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Conflict is a word that can be replaced with a number of synonyms that convey the same or similar meaning. Some common synonyms for conflict include controversy, dispute, disagreement, clash, argument, and altercation. These words are often used to describe situations where two or more parties have opposing views or interests that cause tension or hostility. However, they can also be used to describe more subjective experiences such as inner turmoil, or struggles with others over power, control, or resources. Choosing the right synonym for conflict can add nuance and depth to your writing, helping to create a vivid and engaging picture of the scene or situation you are describing.

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How to use "Conflict" in context?

Conflict is a term used to describe situations in which two or more individuals or groups have opposing interests or goals. It can arise when two or more people try to do something they think is best for themselves, but they end up causing problems for each other. Conflict can happen in the workplace, in relationships, and even in communities. It can be resolved through negotiations and negotiation agreements, or through force or violence. Conflict can be a frustrating experience, but it can also be an opportunity to learn and grow.

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