What is another word for stentorian?

Pronunciation: [stɛntˈɔːɹi͡ən] (IPA)

Stentorian is a term used to describe a loud or powerful voice that commands attention. Some synonyms for this word include booming, thundering, resonant, sonorous, and deep-toned. A booming voice is a loud voice that can be heard from a distance. Thundering is another synonym that accurately describes a loud, powerful voice that can be felt as well as heard. A resonant voice is one that is deep and rich, while sonorous describes a voice that is melodious and pleasant to listen to. Finally, a deep-toned voice is low and commanding, often conveying authority or gravitas. These synonyms for stentorian can be used interchangeably to add variety and depth to one's writing.

What are the opposite words for stentorian?

Stentorian is an adjective used to describe a loud and powerful voice or tone. Antonyms for stentorian include soft-spoken, muted, whispering, hushed, low-pitched, and subdued. Soft-spoken refers to a person who speaks in a gentle, quiet voice without raising their voice. Muted refers to something that is toned down or muffled, like a muted trumpet sound. Whispering implies a secretive or confidential conversation. Hushed means subdued or quiet, creating a peaceful environment. Low-pitched refers to a voice that is deeper in pitch than stentorian. Finally, subdued suggests a voice or tone that is quiet, controlled, or restrained.

What are the antonyms for Stentorian?

Usage examples for Stentorian

Every now and then Jack Patchett hailed with his stentorian voice, and warned the vessels approaching us that they might pass ahead or astern, as the case might be.
"Paddy Finn"
W. H. G. Kingston
Baron Hague inquired, in stentorian but complicated English, whether he was to be expected to contribute towards the establishment of a British aerial fleet.
"The Sins of Séverac Bablon"
Sax Rohmer
"Stay where you are," cried the duke in his most stentorian tones.
"A Poached Peerage"
William Magnay

Famous quotes with Stentorian

  • Yes, Pluton, actually, in the play. And I play him in my most stentorian voice.
    Phil Lesh

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