What is another word for unmusical?

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Unmusical can be described in several different ways, depending on the context and the intended meaning. One commonly used synonym for "unmusical" is "tone-deaf," which refers to a person's inability to distinguish different musical pitches. Another synonym is "discordant," which conveys a sense of disharmony or lack of musical coherence. "Unharmonious" is another option, emphasizing the lack of harmony or agreement between different musical elements. Lastly, "atonal" is a synonym that describes music that lacks a clear tonal center or key, often resulting in a dissonant or chaotic sound. Overall, there are several words that can be used to describe "unmusical" in a variety of situations.

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Artists who release albums without any songs are unrelenting. Perhaps the last frontier of uncompromising artistry, the album without a song feels like a daring experiment. With no structure or narrative, listeners are forced to engage with each track on their own terms.

Pioneering artist Sunn O))) have been committed to this forward-thinking practice for over a decade now. Their latest release, the 11-track Akket, is completely void of music. Except for the waveform data that forms the album's spine, there are no discernible melodies, rhythms, or accompaniment.

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