What is another word for backpedal?

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[ bˈakpɛdə͡l], [ bˈakpɛdə‍l], [ b_ˈa_k_p_ɛ_d_əl]

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    How to use "Backpedal" in context?

    Most people use the word "backpedal" to mean to make a quick retreat from a situation or task. When used on a bicycle, the word "backpedal" means to move the pedals backwards in order to slow down or stop.

    When you backpedal on a bike, you generally use your left foot to push off the ground and your right foot to pedal. This motion backwards helps you slow down or stop. Backpedaling is an important skill for cyclists because it allows you to make tight turns and avoid obstacles.

    Bicycles can also be rotated while backpedaling.

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