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Render, which means to provide or to make, has several synonyms that convey similar definitions. One of the most common synonyms for render is deliver, which can mean to transport and distribute goods or provide or perform services. Another synonym is provide, which suggests giving something that is required, such as sustenance or assistance. Furthermore, yield is another useful equivalent that emphasizes results or output, such as a farming crop or a business venture. Additional synonyms that may be considered equivalent include grant, furnish, and produce. While each of these words conveys slightly different nuances, they all align with the basic definition of rendering, which is to give something to someone or something.

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    Render is a software development workflow that converts models, textures, and animations into a finished product. It's used to create 3D models and animations for video games, mobile applications, web apps, and other digital applications. Rendering combines the art and engineering disciplines to create a finished product. The goal of rendering is to create a high-quality 3D image that can be viewed in a simulation or physical space.

    Rendering starts with a model or a 3D sketch. The model or sketch is usually created using 3D modeling software such as Maya or 3D Studio Max.

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