What is another word for begins?

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The word "begins" is one of the most common verbs that we use in everyday language. However, there are a plethora of synonyms that we can use to add variety to our writing. Some of these include "commences", "initiates", "starts", "launches", "inaugurates", "embarks", "sets about", "undertakes", "commences upon", "inaugurates", "sets out", "triggers", "instigates", "begins the process", "fires up", and "kickstarts". Using synonyms for commonly used words like "begins" not only adds interest to your writing but also makes your work more professional and sophisticated.

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How to use "Begins" in context?

When we begin something, whether it's work, a relationship, or a project, we often bring with us an expectancy of how the process will unfold. This expectancy can be helpful in getting things moving, but it can also be burdensome if we don't let go of the idea that we know what to do.

Often we are obligated to follow the exact steps we set out for ourselves and don't allow for unforeseen changes that could make our project or relationship more efficient or effective. We often put off doing something until we have a guidebook that tells us how to do it and what to expect.

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