What is another word for ambit?

Pronunciation: [ˈambɪt] (IPA)

Ambit refers to the extent or scope of something, but it is not the only word that could be used in such contexts. Synonyms for ambit include range, extent, scope, sphere, purview, and reach. They all denote different aspects of the limits or boundaries of something. While range suggests the scale of something, scope indicates the breadth or width of something, and extent refers to the degree or quantity of something. Sphere and purview both mean the area or domain of something, while reach emphasizes the distance that something can cover. All of these words can add variety and precision to writing by conveying different nuances of meaning to the reader.

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Usage examples for Ambit

Chesilbury, a huge grass encampment, three hundred yards square, with fosse and rampart still sharp, with a dozen gateways and three mist-pools within its ambit, which stands upon the ancient road and dominates two valleys.
"Lore of Proserpine"
Maurice Hewlett
And since neither can have cognizance of the other, because neither is subject to the other, there must be a third of ampler jurisdiction, to control both by the ambit of his power.
"The Unity of Civilization"
The whole surface of my ambit was spread out like a miniature map in my eye, and continues to be.
"Confessions of Boyhood"
John Albee

Famous quotes with Ambit

  • A poem therefore is to be defined as a structure of words whose sound constitutes a rhythmical unity, complete in itself, irrefragable, unanalyzable, completing its symbolic references within the ambit of its sound effects.
    Herbert Read

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