What is another word for strangle?

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Strangle is a word that invokes images of violence and aggression. It is used to describe a situation where a person or animal is choked or suffocated. However, there are many synonyms for the word 'strangle' that offer a less violent alternative. For example, 'constrict,' 'chokehold,' 'suffocate,' and 'smother' all have similar meanings to strangle. Other words that mean the same thing include 'asphyxiate,' 'throttle,' 'stifle,' 'squelch,' and 'suppress.' These synonyms can help to soften the language when discussing situations that may be sensitive or difficult to describe, but still convey the same meaning.

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There's no mistaking the look of terror in someone's eyes when they realize they're about to be strangled. It's a terrifying sight, and one that's all too common. Strangling is aviolent death, and it's one that many people know too well. There are a few different ways that someone can be strangled, and each one can lead to a very different outcome. Here are four examples of how strangling can occur:

1. The Neck Knot: This is the type of strangling that most people think of when they think of strangling.

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