What is another word for suffocate?

Pronunciation: [sˈʌfəkˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Suffocate is a word that is commonly used to describe a feeling of being unable to breathe properly or feeling like you are being smothered. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used to describe this sensation in various ways. Some of these synonyms include "choke", "strangle", "smother", "stifle", "asphyxiate", "constrict", "clamp", and "squelch". Each of these words can be used to convey a different level of intensity or emotion associated with the feeling of suffocation or being overwhelmed. Using these synonyms in your writing can help you to better communicate your ideas and create a more visually descriptive tone.

Synonyms for Suffocate:

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What are the opposite words for suffocate?

Suffocate is a verb that refers to the act of limiting or stopping the breathing of a living being. It could also describe feelings of being overwhelmed or restricted. Antonyms of the word suffocate are words that have opposite meanings. Words like breathe, oxygenate, revive, and sustain are antonyms of suffocate. While suffocate denotes restriction, the antonyms convey the idea of liberation or enhancement. By looking at the antonyms of suffocate, one can find a range of words to express freedom, growth, and vitality. Therefore, the choice of antonyms can help convey the opposite of suffocate, and similar words help in expanding our vocabulary.

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Usage examples for Suffocate

What would you have thought of me, what would I have thought of myself had I left him to suffocate when I could just as well have brought him out?
"Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero"
F. Hopkinson Smith
Each time, the blood surged into Rose's throat as if to suffocate her.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland
I will throw myself on him and suffocate him with kisses.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann

Famous quotes with Suffocate

  • The American economy has always been driven by the entrepreneurial nature of its citizens, and blocking access to affordable health care will only suffocate growth within the small business sector of our economy.
    Paul Gillmor
  • We have created a manic world nauseous with the pursuit of material wealth. Many also bear their cross of imagined deprivation, while their fellow human beings remain paralyzed by real poverty. We drown in the thick sweetness of our sensual excess, and our shameless opulence, while our discontent souls suffocate in the arid wasteland of spiritual deprivation.
    Anthon St Maarten
  • Our children will not survive our habits of thinking, our failures of the spirit, our wreck of the universe into which we bring new life as blithely as we do. Mostly, our children will resemble our own misery and spite and anger, because we give them no choice about it. In the name of motherhood and fatherhood and education and good manners, we threaten and suffocate and bind and ensnare and bribe and trick children into wholesale emulation of our ways.
    June Jordan
  • Thomas Jeffersonalong with Benjamin Franklinargued that dependence will lead to "subservience and venality", and will "suffocate[s] the germs of virtue". And remember, by dependence he meant wage labor, which was considered an abomination under classical liberal principles.
    Noam Chomsky

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