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There are several synonyms for the word "knocked", which means to strike or hit something with force. Some of these synonyms include "banged", "thumped", "pounded", "hammered", "smashed", "thwacked", "slammed" and "bashed". While these words all indicate forceful impact, they can have slightly different connotations. For example, "smashed" and "bashed" may suggest intentional destruction, while "thumped" and "pounded" might imply repetitive blows. Regardless of the particular synonym used, all indicate forceful impact, either intentional or accidental. It's always good to have an understanding of synonyms when writing, to ensure the intended meaning is conveyed effectively.

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In supernatural horror, the knock is a motif of fear that recurs throughout popular culture. It is most famously associated with the horror movie genre, where its use as a scare tactic is often employed. In the sense of being disturbed or scared by sudden noises, the knock is often used as a metaphor for the character's fears.

In the 1946 film "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", the character John Muir is disturbed by the sound of a knock on the door.Later in the film, Mrs. Muir hears the knock and scares her son, who has been hiding from the ghost, by telling him that it is the ghost.

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