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Resilient is a powerful word that implies the ability to overcome obstacles and bounce back from adversity. There are many synonyms for the word resilient, including durable, tough, strong, and robust. These words all suggest a level of strength and durability that enables a person or thing to withstand challenges and maintain their effectiveness. Other synonyms for resilient include unyielding, unbroken, tenacious, and persistent. These words suggest a stubborn determination and an unwillingness to give up or be defeated by adversity. Whether you're looking for words to describe a person's personality, or a material's physical properties, there are plenty of synonyms for resilient that can be used to express strength, durability, and perseverance.

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How to use "Resilient" in context?

Contrary to popular belief, nothing is truly unbreakable. Even the strongest materials can be damaged or destroyed if subjected to enough force or heat. What separates materials that can withstand damage from those that can't is their ability to bounce back after being hurt.

This resilience is what makes materials like rubber, metal and plastic so versatile and valuable. They can be shaped into all sorts of objects, from cars and toys to buildings and appliances. Even if they're injured or damaged, they can usually be repaired or replaced without too much hassle.

Resilience is also a vital ingredient in many natural processes.

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