What is another word for supposal?

114 synonyms found


[ sʌpˈə͡ʊzə͡l], [ sʌpˈə‍ʊzə‍l], [ s_ʌ_p_ˈəʊ_z_əl]

How to use "Supposal" in context?

Supposition is the act of presuming something without knowing for sure. It is also the mental process of making a judgment about something based on insufficient or unproven information. In philosophy, supposition is the assumed basis for valid inferences. In logic, supposition is the assumption of a premise that is not necessarily true.

Supposition can be used in any area of life. For example, when we make assumptions about other people, we are supposing their intentions. When we make assumptions about the world around us, we are supposing the facts.

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