What is another word for groundwork?

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Groundwork is the foundation upon which something is built, it's the preparatory work essential for success. Synonyms for groundwork include foundation, basis, framework, groundwork, infrastructure, preliminary, readiness, and base. Another synonym for groundwork is edifice, which suggests building something up from scratch or laying the groundwork for it. The word "platform" is also a synonym, suggesting that the groundwork is a stage for something to be built from. Other synonyms include footing, base, starting point, underpinnings, and base structures. Whatever word you choose, the idea remains the same- without the groundwork, a structure cannot be built or a project cannot be successful.

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How to use "Groundwork" in context?

It's easy to take for granted the amazing things that go on beneath our feet: the soil that provides sustenance for plants and makes the world around us inhabitable; the bedrock that gives us stability and underlies our cities and roads; the molten rock that makes the world's oceans and earthquakes and volcanoes. But without groundwork, all of that would likely stay hidden and unstable.

Groundwork is the foundation on which all else is built. It's what makes our world safe and dependable, keeping us grounded and connected to our roots.

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