What is another word for stalker?

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There are several synonyms for the word "stalker" that can be used to describe someone who engages in unwanted or obsessive behavior towards another person. One common synonym is "harasser," which connotes a persistent and unpleasant individual who intimidates or annoys their target. "Pursuer" or "chaser" can also be used to describe someone who is actively seeking contact with someone else, often with romantic or sexual intentions. Other synonyms include "intruder," "trespasser," and "trespasser," which emphasize the invasive and unwelcome nature of the stalker's behavior. Regardless of the term used, stalking is a serious and potentially dangerous behavior that should be taken seriously and addressed by authorities.

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    How to use "Stalker" in context?

    A person who is obsessed with someone or something to the point of stalking is known as a "stalker." Although stalking typically refers to a malevolent behavior, it can also apply to someone who is obsessed with someone who is not romantically involved with them, such as a crushes.

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