What is another word for behind one?

Pronunciation: [bɪhˌa͡ɪnd wˈɒn] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the phrase "behind one," including "trailing," "following," "in the wake of," "pursuing," and "chasing." These words all imply a sense of being behind someone or something, either physically or metaphorically. "Trailing" often refers to being physically behind someone, while "following" can also refer to tracking someone's actions or ideas. "In the wake of" suggests that someone is following in the aftermath of something that has already happened. "Pursuing" and "chasing" both convey a sense of actively trying to catch up to someone or something that is ahead.

Synonyms for Behind one:

What are the hypernyms for Behind one?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for behind one?

The phrase "behind one" is often used to describe a situation where someone is trailing or lacking progress compared to others. To find antonyms for this phrase, we can look for words that convey the opposite meaning. For instance, "ahead of one" would suggest someone who is leading or making progress faster than others. "Surpassing," "outpacing," or "outdoing" are other antonyms that imply a superior level of achievement. Conversely, "at par with," "on par with," or simply "equal to" would suggest being at the same level as others with neither leading nor trailing. Overall, knowing antonyms for "behind one" can help us accurately describe the situation and avoid ambiguity.

Famous quotes with Behind one

  • To attempt this would be like seeing without eyes or directing the gaze of knowledge behind one's own eye. Modern science can acknowledge no other than this epistemological stand-point.
    Wilhelm Dilthey
  • Even the disciple has his uses. He stands behind one's throne, and at the moment of one's triumph whispers in one's ear that, after all, one is immortal.
    Oscar Wilde
  • They snuggled closer, and when they were as close as they could get without being behind one another, they commenced to kiss again.
    Tom Robbins

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