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Unions are often referred to as labor unions, trade unions, or workers' unions. Labor unions are organizations that represent workers in collective bargaining negotiations with employers. Trade unions are specific to particular industries, such as construction or healthcare, and workers' unions are associations that represent various types of workers. Other synonyms for unions include guilds, associations, societies, organizations, coalitions, alliances, and federations. These terms are often used interchangeably, although their nuances can vary depending on the context. Regardless of their name, unions serve to protect and advocate for workers' rights and interests, and to promote fair and equitable treatment in the workplace.

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How to use "Unions" in context?

Unions are organizations made up of employees in a particular field of work. Typically, unions are formed to protect the interests of their members and to promote good working conditions. In some cases, unions may also negotiate for better wages and benefits for their members. Unions can be beneficial to workers because they can negotiate better wages and benefits for themselves. Unions can also increase the solidarity of workers in a given field, which can lead to better working conditions and improved morale. On the other hand, unions can also be controversial because they can lead to higher labor costs.

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