What is another word for cohere?

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[ kə͡ʊhˈi͡ə], [ kə‍ʊhˈi‍ə], [ k_əʊ_h_ˈiə]

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    Synonyms for Cohere:

    How to use "Cohere" in context?

    1. cohere is the ability of physical or mental bodies to maintain their structural integrity and to respond to their environment. In order for an object or group of objects to cohere, it is necessary for them to be held together by forces that are stronger than the forces that would normally pull them apart.

    2. Coherence can be defined as the degree to which a system is organized and functioning as a whole. Aspects of a system that are in close vicinity to one another and that interact with one another can influence one another. The degree to which these effects are organized is called coherence.

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