What is another word for unprompted?

Pronunciation: [ʌnpɹˈɒmptɪd] (IPA)

Unprompted is a word that refers to something that is done or said without any prior request or suggestion. There are several alternatives that can be used to replace the term unprompted. A few synonyms for unprompted include spontaneous, voluntary, impulsive, unbidden, unrehearsed, and off-the-cuff. These words are commonly used to describe actions or words that are initiated without any external influence or prompting. Using synonyms for unprompted helps to add variety to one's writing and speech, and even though they may have slightly different connotations, they convey similar meanings and offer a wider range of vocabulary when expressing themselves.

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What are the opposite words for unprompted?

Antonyms for the word "unprompted" include "deliberate", "intentional", "purposeful", "willed", and "premeditated". These words imply a conscious decision or action taken by an individual, rather than something that occurs spontaneously or without thought. Opposite words like "coerced", "compelled", and "forced" suggest an external influence or pressure that leads to an action, versus voluntary behavior. Other opposing adjectives might include "precipitated", "provoked", or "instigated", suggesting that there is a particular cause or reason for the behavior or action. In contrast, "unprompted" implies that something happens without external influence or without a specific reason.

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Usage examples for Unprompted

There came a day when Mary told a very large lie indeed; she said that she had brushed her teeth when she had not, and she told this lie quite unprompted by Sarah.
"The Golden Scarecrow"
Hugh Walpole
The bride must have died soon, for even Barrie's elastic memory, which could recall first steps taken alone and first words spoken unprompted, had no niche in it for a mother's image, though father's portrait was almost painfully distinct.
"The Heather-Moon"
C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Whether the instances are few or many, conclusive or inconclusive, does not much affect the matter: these are considerations which occur only on reflection: the unprompted tendency of the mind is to generalize its experience, provided this points all in one direction; provided no other experience of a conflicting character comes unsought.
"A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
John Stuart Mill

Famous quotes with Unprompted

  • Like a celestial chaperon, the placebo leads us through the uncharted passageways of mind and gives us a greater sense of infinity than if we were to spend all our days with our eyes hypnotically glued to the giant telescope at Mt. Palomar. What we see ultimately is that the placebo isn't really necessary and that the mind can carry out its difficult and wondrous missions unprompted by little pills. The placebo is only a tangible object made essential in an age that feels uncomfortable with intangibles, an age that prefers to think that every inner effect must have an outer cause. Since it has size and shape and can be hand-held, the placebo satisfies the contemporary craving for visible mechanisms and visible answers . The placebo, then, is an emissary between the will to live and the body.
    Norman Cousins

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