What is another word for automatic?

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Automatic is a term used to describe something that runs by itself without requiring human intervention. However, there are several synonyms for it that not only add variety to your writing but also create a more interesting narrative. For instance, words like self-regulating, mechanized, preset, preprogrammed, and autonomous all describe a particular aspect of an automated system. Likewise, words like robotic, computerized, electronic, and digital convey a sense of electronic operation that most automated devices possess. By using synonyms, your writing can flow seamlessly and avoid repetitiveness, making it more engaging and captivating for readers.

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How to use "Automatic" in context?

What does the word automatic mean? Defining the meaning of automatic can be a little tricky as it can have different meanings depending on the context. Generally speaking, automatic means that something happens as a result of being natural or not requiring any extra work on the part of the person performing the action. Typically, automatics are weapons or machines that operate on their own, without the need for human input.

In many cases, automatic can also refer to something that is done without thinking or worrying about the consequences.

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