What is another word for unprotected?

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[ ʌnpɹətˈɛktɪd], [ ʌnpɹətˈɛktɪd], [ ʌ_n_p_ɹ_ə_t_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_d]

Unprotected is a term used to describe something that is left vulnerable to danger or harm. There are various synonyms that can be used when referring to unprotected, such as defenseless, vulnerable, unguarded, and exposed. These terms are often used interchangeably and refer to the same concept of being open to potential risk and harm. Other synonyms that can be used include unprotected, uncovered, and unsecured. Regardless of the word used, the meaning remains the same- something that is unprotected is vulnerable and open to potential harm. These words are useful to describe things such as an unprotected home, an unprotected computer system, or an unprotected child.

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How to use "Unprotected" in context?

When it comes to sex, many people view condoms as the ultimate form of protection. Unfortunately, not all sex isn't completely safe and unprotected sex can lead to some risky health outcomes. Here are five of the most common dangers associated with unprotected sex:

1. HIV infection. HIV is a virus that can cause AIDS, a serious, life-threatening illness. If you are infected with HIV, unprotected sex is the best way to get infected. HIV can also be transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

2. Gonorrhea.

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